Sunday, February 22, 2015

Arraial da Ajuda - Brazil

Arraial d'Ajuda is a small village in the south of Bahia state, Brazil. It has incredible beaches with falesias and lots of young people willing to meet up, drink and party.

Lately it has changed a lot. Years ago it was a simple village with a lot of crazy people (in a good way), with great enthusiasm to stay up all night and go back to the hostel after sunrise. Restaurants only used to open for lunch at 4pm! Many streets didn't have asphalt and people went out at night  at 11 pm wearing flip flops and bermudas.

Stand up and falesias

It's still a special place, with many crazy aspects as mentioned above, but now is the best of the region in terms of restaurants, shows and good prices. Not so popular as its neighbor Porto Seguro, or elitist as its other neighboring Trancoso. A compromise that pleases.

Of course the high season is  during summertime (Dec. to Feb.), specially in the New Year period and Carnival period .

It's a nice place to take pictures: ocean views, sports, an historical center, parties and beautiful people.

Photos & Text: Leonardo Dobbin

The rain is coming

High Tide


Inidan selling artcrafts

At night

Hammocks store
Carnival time

Religious heritage

Stand up paddle, even during storms