Thursday, February 26, 2015

Morro de São Paulo - Brazil

Morro de São Paulo is a small city one hour south from Salvador, Bahia state, Brazil. Recently elected one of ten best places for snorkeling in Brazil, the island where the city is located is surrounded by a coral reef very well preserved, specially close to Boipeba island.

Coral  reef snorkeling at Bopieba island

Depending on the month of the year, Morro can be either a very busy spot with a vibrant nightlife or a calm paradise. It depends on you to choose the time of the year that best fits for you. Many foreigners fall in love with this place and stay there forever, most of them owning restaurants. Italians, Americans, Argentinians can be found easily.

One peculiar aspect of the place: there are no cars at all in the island. Even for the transportation of your luggage from the port to the hostel you will need to get the local "taxi"...

Photos & text: Leonardo Dobbin

Enjoying sunset and listening Ravel's Bolero at the port

The port


Purple Sunset

The ruins of the old fort

Top view