Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Botanical Garden - Rio - Brazil

During these last ten years or so, my almost daily routine is taking a walk in the Jardim Botanico of Rio de Janeiro.
It started as a way to exercise, physical and mental, but it soon turned into a photographic journey that never stops.

Columns  (photo: Evan Sponagle)
The Jardim Botanico is extremely rich and diversified in subjects and light. As the seasons change so do the characters.
Every day is different. Sunshine or rain, summer or winter, it is constantly in flux. But the best light is in autumn in the afternoons.

These walks are not only good for the body but good for the soul. I highly recommend it.

Text & Photos: Evan Sponagle & Fernanda Dobbin

Palm Trees (photo: Fernanda Dobbin)

A fan? (photo: Evan Sponagle)

Exotic species (photo: Evan Sponagle)

Lines (photo: Evan Sponagle)

Bamboos (photo: Evan Sponagle)