Saturday, March 28, 2015

Trancoso - Brazil

Trancoso is undoubtedly the most charming city of the region, known as Discovery Coast region in Bahia, Brazil. The city sits atop a cliff but the hotels and hostels are spread around it . The focal point of the city is the "Quadrado", a huge square with a field  in the middle where in the afternoon always a soccer game is played by locals. On one side of the "Quadrado" there is a small and very old church, and on the other sides there are very nice colorful houses where you'll find shops and restaurants. Everything very well kept up and pleasant.

Nativo Beach

Trancoso is also the smallest of the three major cities in the region (Porto Seguro, Arraial da Ajuda and Trancoso) and undoubtedly the most expensive. The accommodations, handicrafts and food prices are the same as a big city like Rio. Access is not easy. If you are driving from Arraial da Ajuda you will have to face a bumpy dirt road. It seems that asphalt was approved by the government but residents don't want that. They wish to maintain their isolation, fearing that their home would be invaded by "unqualified" tourists as has happened in Arraial da Ajuda.

Even during Carnival, Trancoso remains quiet, with no big parties, maintaining its almost normal pace, but of course, crowded with "qualified" tourists.

Old Church
The beaches are very beautiful, the two closest to the city (Coqueiro and Nativo) are very much worthwhile. Facilities there are good and access is easy and they are very pleasant. For those willing to drive 20Km on a terrible dirt road there is the fantastic Espelho beach, one of the top 10 in Brazil but unfortunately facilities are poor and prices high...

For those who want confort (and can pay for it), there is a Club Med in the region, in my oppinion the best one in Brazil,

Text and photos : Leonardo Dobbin

Boy in one Lagoon

Colorful houses

Kangas (Brazilian beach wear for women)

View from the City

Mangrove close to Nativo Beach

Relaxing in the lagoon

Colorful house

Mouth of the river that leads to the beach forming a pond

Colorful house

Soccer game at the Quadrado

The rain is coming

Beach close to the Club Med Trancoso

Espelho Beach

Indian at Espelho Beach