Thursday, April 2, 2015

Barbados - Caribbean

Barbados is a small island located in the Caribbean. It's the the land of rum and Rihanna (yes, she was born there). Unlike most other Caribbean islands that were colonized by the Spanish, Barbados until recently was a British protectorate  which can be noticed in various aspects of its life. Most obviously the spoken language is English and if you rent a car you will have to drive on the left. I confess that I chickened out and preferred to get a taxi to move around which is not expensive. I was in a hotel in the south of the island and the distances to the interesting beaches or to the center were relatively short. The dollar is freely accepted, with fixed exchange rate everywhere, but usually you will receive the change in local currency (Barbados dollar).

Sunset in the island

The west side of the island is the side of the calm and (paradisiac)(yes, this word exists but more usual is pristine, maybe I'd say "beautiful pristine") beaches. Warm waters, no waves and incredible transparency. The south side also has calm waters but the beaches are not so fantastic, but still good. On the east side, where the Atlantic crashes onto the island, swimming is only recommended for fearless surfers or people with suicidal tendencies. The sea and the wind hit full force but it's worth the drive because the aggression of nature has created incredible scenery. It is perfect for photography.

Slow motion life

I explored further the island's options and I dove with turtles, did an undersea ride in a submarine, visited a cave (beautiful but not really very thrilling) and of course, I enjoyed the spectacular beaches.

But be forewarned as far as the food goes. If you have problems with any kind of pepper, even black pepper, be careful. Everything, absolutely everything, has black pepper in it, even a simple tomato pizza.

Photos & text: Leonardo Dobbin

Pristine beaches

The warm and blue Caribbean Sea

Beach artist


Washing the hair



Waves in the east coast

Wind and sea making beautiful sculptures


Colorful houses