Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Barcelona - Spain

I've been a few times to this city and I love it. It's one of my dearest cities in the world because I enjoy very much catalan culture and architecture. When I think of Barcelona the word contrast comes to my mind. The contrast between sea and mountains, old and new architecture, modern towers and the Barrio Gotico, old stores and modern industries.

Parc Guell

I am a fan of Gaudi and Miro. Gaudi was a brave innovator. In my oppinion, he is still modern and among many other things, he designed one of the most beautiful churches in the world: La Sagrada Familia. Parc Guell is also a favourite. I simply need to go back there everytime i visit the city.The curves, the columns... It's inspiring. Miro, and his unique paintings make my imagination fly. The Miro Museum really should be visited.

The presence of these two great artists is everywhere.

I love to wander around the city, just walking and looking at the buildings, their windows, their catalan flags. In Barcelona you can find in the middle of the street nude models posing for art students, and a quartet of classical musicians playing in the subway. Lots of young people and a bustling nightlife. Breathtaking.

It's difficult to get original photos from one of the most visited cities in the world. I tried. I hope you like them.

Text & Photos: Leonardo Dobbin

Plaça Catalunya

Beautiful architecture

Catalunia Flags

Old and new achitecture

Columns at Parc Guell

Curves at Parc Guell

La Sagrada Familia

Arc de Triomf

Old buildings