Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jaipur - India

Forts and Palaces. A semi-arid region. The always entertaining chaotic traffic. Elephants and camels on the streets (not monkeys, though, as they move around upon the rooftops). And lots of pink. Jaipur is known as the “Pink City”, because of the “pinkish” tone of many structures, coming either from the stones used for their construction or from the fact that several buildings are painted that color. Pink is also said to be the color for hospitality in India, so it is easy to imagine why the city embraces the idea.

Windows of The Hawa

Jaipur is 3 hours away from Delhi by train, which was my way of travel. Trains in India are relatively inexpensive and tickets are easy to buy online. It is an opportunity to get to know a little bit more of the “real” country. I would recommend it to the (at least) mildly adventurous tourist, but, as in any kind of trip, some caution is advised: For instance, in the 20-or-so minutes it took from arriving to the main Station entrance and departing, two different gangs tried to scam me into paying a “tourist tax” on top of what I had paid for the ticket, one of them while I was already boarded (sort of makes sense for the unsuspected visitor, as all major attractions have much higher prices for tourists than for locals). Also, locals being poisoned by the food constantly being served at the upscale wagons is not exactly unheard of, so I would avoid it. Despite of that, enjoy the ride, you will have some crazy tales to tell back home.

Photos & Text: Jonathas Delduque Jr.

Window view
Gotta eat your vegetables

Jal Mahal

Lost in Amer Fort

Railway porter

Snake enchanters

Traffic from behind