Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bergen - Norway

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and to have a whole day of  sunshine there is unusual. In this city there are 240 days of rain per year. Bergen lies on the North Sea coast and the almost constant bad weather comes from the west.  Of course we had some rainy days, but that did not spoil our trip.

This city has beautiful architecture. You can  just walk around and visit the whole city. It is worth climbing the funicular  Fløibanen to see the city view from the top of the hill (I hope you are there on a sunny day!), the view is really beautiful and you will take good pictures. Bryggen and its tilted houses, filled with restaurants and shops, is as pretty as a picture and has to be visited.

We did also a "Norway in a Nutshell" tour. It's a round trip tour starting in Bergen. There are other longer options, but we wouldn’t have so much time. On this tour we took a regular train to Myrdal, where even in summer it snows (or, there is snow ) (nice!) and then we went down in a panoramic train to the tiny Flam, a port where we took a boat and a two hour cruise through the fjords.

It is breathtaking. The fjords are a narrow strip of sea surrounded by stone walls  with giant waterfalls and small villages  with their colourful little houses. It was summer but I suppose that during winter it must be even more beautiful .

Back to Bergen we decided to do something different. In (a little restaurant/stall) in the fish market we ordered a whale steak (I thought their fishing was prohibited ...) and it's not that bad, but we didn’t feel very well the rest of the day. I confess that my conscience also weighed, reminding me of Free Willy.

Text & Photos: Leonardo Dobbin


Fish Market

Top View

Landscape view from the train

Fjords tourists

Train to Flam

Fjord view


Bryggen detail

Isolated villages

Top view from the hill